About me

Name: Geert De Cnodder
Nationality: Belgian
Date of Birth: 04/11/1991
Languages: Fluent Dutch & English, Average French


Phone: +3233117798
Cellphone: +32477041707
Address: Turnhoutsebaan 141, 2390 Malle, Belgium
LinkedIn: Link

Working Experience

May 2013 – present  Environment Artist at 2K Czech

  • Working on Unannounced AAA project

July 2012 – October: Environment Artist / Level Designer at Nitro Games Ltd.

  • Worked on Raven’s Cry (PC, Xbox, PS3) Level Design/Environment Art – To Be Released

Feb 2012 – June 2012: Environment Artist / Level Design Intern at Nitro Games Ltd.

  • Level/game design for Sink ‘Em All (iOS) – Released June 28th 2012
  • Worked on Raven’s Cry (PC, Xbox, PS3) Level Design/Environment Art – To Be Released


2009-2012: Digital Arts and Entertainment, PIH Kortrijk (College)
2005-2009: IT Management, Immaculata Institute, Oostmalle (High School)


  • Energetic young artist
  • Solid teamplayer
  • Always eager to learn new things
  • Extended knowlegde of Autodesk 3DSMax (modeling, unwrapping, …)
  • Basic knowledge of Autodesk Maya
  • Excellent Photoshop Skills (Texturing)
  • Experience in working with Autodesk mudbox and Roadkill
  • Knowledge of various Game Engines (UDK, Unity)
  • Making Crash objects
  • Creating Target meshes for enlighten
  • Experience in making Particle Systems with UDK Cascade
  • Capable of making quick sketches do present idea’s to other people (illustration example)
  • Basic Knowledge of World Machine 2, GeoControl 2 and Terragen
  • Programming background and experience with various languages
    (c++, Direct3D, Nvidia PhysX, HLSL, Win 32, C#, …)


Digital Arts & Entertainment:  Winner of the Best Internship 2012 Award.


Hiroshi Sakakibara – Lead Environment Artist at 2K Czech mail:

Michal Lopasovsky – Environment Artist at 2K Czech  mail:

Brendon Neuwerth – COO Nitro Games Ltd.   mail:

Brandon Cestari – Visual Lead & 3D Animator Octane Games Ltd.   mail: