Sink Em All

Sink ‘Em All! Is an arcade shooter game that is available on the App store and the Android Marketplace. I worked on the game during 1 month of my Internship at Nitro Games Ltd. I was responsible, for the level design, level building, prop modeling,and I also did some game design for the game. I was responsible for the design of the 4th chapter of the game in terms of style and theme and I was actively involved in the design of the new enemies and monsters for this chapter.

The goal of the game is to safeguard your treasure from monsters (including Krakens and Serpents) but also from the black covian pirates who are chasing you throughout the game. You got access to a whole variety of wicked weapons to kill, gas or obliterate your enemies.



if you’d like to have more information, don’t hesitate to contact me..