Transfo Zwevegem Project

This project was a collaboration between Howest College and Transfo Zwevegem to make a game to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Transfo Zwevegem Site in Zwevegem, Belgium.

This game is 1 of 4 mini-games made for the site. This mini-game named the Kaatsende Kolen was made by 3 people, me Hannes Deville and Jasper Leys.

I was responsible for the putting the level and the overall visuals off the level together. I also made a lot of the models and textures that you see in the game.

When the player presses the button, the character he is controlling will pull the rope to move the tube. The 3 players have to work together to make sure that every item that is dropped down the tube ends up at the right place. Your goal is to get the timer to 0.